Lemogang Senwelo Set To Launch 4th Edition Of Africa Youth Entrepreneurs Summit

Botswana’s trailblazer Lebogang Senwelo will once again launch the 4th edition of Africa Youth Entrepreneurs Summit popularly known as AYES 4.0 in Botswana which will be held virtually, embracing the new normal on the 25th February 2021.  The Theme for the summit shall be titled ‘INTEGRATION OF YOUTH BUSINESSES INTO THE DIGITAL GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN’. Lemogang took the time to share her vision and what people can expect from this summit below;

What is AYES? and what inspired it?

Africa Youth Entrepreneurs summit is a platform created by Connect Circle – a team of brilliant young minds who have been together for 4 years founded by Ms Lemogang Senwelo to see this concept of building an ecosystem of African Entrepreneurs come to fruition. We managed to execute this without years of industry experience, expertise or exposure but with sheer determination, built confidence, drive, focus and passion.

What are some of the thematics you intend to cover on AYES 4.0 ?

The main focus will be understanding the digital economy and the role African youth entrepreneurs play in the digital economy. Some of the key thematics to be discussed will be: 

  • The Application of the internet of things
  • The use of advanced robotics in Africa
  • New ways of designing supply chains to benefit African Youth Businesses
  • New approaches of product distribution

Why Digital Global Supply Chain?

Following AYES 3.0 theme ‘Upskilling Industries workforces in Preparation for Africa’s digital transformation,  we believe this is the time for African Entrepreneurs to play a role in facilitating African Capital within the continent and the diaspora to invest in African ideas solving African Entrepreneurs through a robust digital supply chain. 

Who are some of the speakers at AYES 4.0 ?

Some of AYES 4.0 speakers include Tracy Batta (Nigeria), Babopi Kotlhao (Botswana), Hansley Noruthun (Mauritius), Chilo Ketlhaetse (Botswana), Nomvula Mhambi (Zimbabwe) and many more from different parts of Africa.

How has COVID-19 affected the format of the summit and how will it differ from previous years?

AYES over the years has been an event where entrepreneurs from the entire continent gather in Gaborone, Botswana for a day to discuss all sorts of issues affecting the entrepreneurship environment in Africa. This year will be different due to Covid 19, instead the event will be hosted virtually on a platform called Hopin which is not a train smash due to the fact that Africa needs to finally jump on the digital space of doing things. It’s a blessing in disguise to finally do things the 21st Century way. 

Where do you want to see AYES 5.0?

AYES 5.0 will definitely be hosted in a different country. Most likely being South Africa or Kenya.

How can corporate and government help facilitate the success of AYES?

AYES is a platform thriving to improve the current environment and status of African Entrepreneurship and we definitely cannot do it alone. We need all the support we can get from both government and corporate either through funding or just other forms of support that are not monetary. We need to all join hands for a better Africa. We continue to be thankful to corporates who have been supporting this initiative from the word go i.e Botswana Development Corporation (BDC).

Why should corporate and government buy into this initiative?

AYES is a voice for entrepreneurs and we believe that entrepreneurs do a lot for economies by creating employment and solutions to problems that both the government and corporate probably missed. Corporate and government need entrepreneurs for the sustainability of the economy, therefore this is the right time to invest in entrepreneurs through AYES ecosystem especially during this era of tech entrepreneurs solving most Covid 19 problems. 

What are some of the success stories from previous years?

AYES has managed to facilitate partnerships and trade among entrepreneurs. Moreover, AYES has been able to assist entrepreneurs to access global/foreign markets and we intend to grow the ecosystem to other parts of the continent. 

Where can people get more info about the event. ?

All our social media platforms, Africa Youth Entrepreneurs Summit.

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