One Thousand & One Voices Partners With Crossfin Technology To Acquire Sybrin Group

One Thousand & One Voices Partners With Crossfin Technology To Acquire Sybrin Group. One Thousand & One Voices (1K1V), a private equity fund, in partnership with diversified FinTech investment holding company Crossfin Technology Holdings (Crossfin) and investor Isaac Mophatlane, have acquired Sybrin Group of Companies (Sybrin) for R410-million.

Dean Sparrow, CEO, and co-founder of Crossfin told Venture Burn that, “We are excited to be partnering with 1K1V, together with Isaac, a stalwart in the African ICT sector, in investing in Sybrin and working collaboratively with Sybrin’s management team. Sybrin has become a leading enterprise software solutions provider and its focus on FinTech and RegTech, underpinned by rapid enterprise application development and delivery, makes it extremely complementary with other companies in the Crossfin portfolio. We are confident in the growth opportunity of a technology-led financial services sector globally and see considerable cross-selling opportunities within Sybrin’s customer base and across the diverse African countries in which it already has an existing presence.”

Sybrin was established in 1991. It has more than two decades worth of experience in the provision of bespoke solutions in the payment and information management industries. Sybrin has over 220 employees, and it is steadily growing its team with staff who are dedicated, resourceful, and passionate about their work.

The company has provided solutions across Africa, the United Kingdom, and into the Middle East, servicing these solutions from its strategically located international offices. Sybrin remains united in its mission and focused on its commitment to customers. The company’s corporate governance is well-rounded and balanced through its breadth of global perspective and executive experience.

Sybrin’s mission is to bring about positive change, to both its customers and itself by investing its passion in creating innovative solutions giving rise to growth, reliability and shared prosperity. It also aims to provide a globally recognised platform, and an app store that enables digital transformation in any industry, giving its customers the control, insight, and agility for a competitive advantage.

At Sybrin, it is believed that in order to create sustainable impact and value for the communities in which it operates in, it needs to empower South Africans with the tools and skills they need to further help themselves. Through its support of various initiatives including the Santa Shoebox, and Movember; as well as the New Hope Dog Rescue Center, it is committed to making a sustainable difference for all who live in South Africa.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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