South African Start-Up Finmerge Aims To Assist SMMEs To Secure Funding

South African Start-Up Finmerge Aims To Assist SMMEs To Secure Funding. Finmerge is a registered credit provider and it is registered with the national credit regulator of South Africa. The company provides small and medium enterprises with a means to an integrated working capital and debtor management solution. It pursues to develop strategic and meaningful partnerships with its clients while providing them with tailored solutions to meet their needs.

As new entrants to their markets, SMMEs are at risk in paying their suppliers late because of overdue payments from their customers, resulting in these businesses not being able to benefit from settlement discounts. This, in turn, puts pressure on margins, pricing and competitiveness.

Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises are regarded as the engine of growth within South Africa as they are a crucial component to creating jobs and increasing employment rates within the country. Therefore, Finmerge is passionate about being the ‘business of business’ by providing services and solutions to assist SMMEs to succeed and flourish. At The heart of Finmerge’s business philosophy is its commitment to enable SMMEs achieve sustainable business growth by providing them with solutions to support their cashflow requirements.

The company’s rates are lower than market interest rates and it assists its clients by offering a debtor management solution. To ensure that their clients get the best prices, Finmerge will be involved in their procurement processes. The company will assist clients with their billing and collection process, VAT registration and Payroll administration. Finmerge is geared to negotiate favourable payment terms with their client’s customers to ensure a healthy working capital.

With its credit facility clients can spread their risk. They no longer have to rely on the payments of a few core customers to keep their business going. They can also manage debtors and discount negotiations. Depending on their contract with the company, the company will provide them with the dedicated resources to handle debtor’s collection and settlement discounts from suppliers. Finmerge will negotiate shorter payment terms. It will also negotiate shorter payment terms for invoices submitted by partners.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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