The Perfect ‘Spring Cleaning’ For your Business During The Covid-19 Lockdown

The perfect ‘spring cleaning’ for your business during the Covid-19 lock-down. Whether you are still operating or you are on a break due to the effects of the pandemic, there are ways to keep busy by cleaning up clutter from your business to prepare it for when things are back to running smoothly.

Check your contacts

If you’re sending out emails sharing business news or updates, you need to be sure that these actually reach the right people. But if your contact list is out of date, there is a high possibility that you are talking to the online equivalent of a brick wall. Be sure to bring up your contact lists and check phone numbers, email addresses and job titles. Delete the ghosts and you should be left with a shorter, but more accurate, list.

Re-organise your supplies

Now is the time to sort out everything and place it where it actually stays or is stored. Whether this is envelopes kept at the back of people’s drawers or printing supplies stored at the other end of the stockroom, it’s likely that an orderly reshuffle could make this all more logical and save people time when business as usual resumes.

Review your email campaigns

Your mailbox is probably flooded with unread mail, spam messages and information that ha since expired. Have a good read through and check that the emails still represent your business and what you do. If your priorities have changed, or you have newer products or services to offer, revamp your emails to include them.

Review your tone of voice

A business is an ever-evolving beast, which means that your brand identity is likely to change to suit trends and client preferences. As a result, your website, emails, brochures and social media channels can start to look and sound out of date if you are not quick to give them a new touch. You need to start planning some new brand guidelines and think about how you want your business best represented.

Save Money

Due to the current state of things, your business is probably make little or no profit at all. This then makes it the perfect time to revise your budget and create a newer and pocket friendly expenses list. Go on comparison sites, read the small print and see if you can save costs on your energy, suppliers or business bank rates because every penny helps.

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