Cool #Top5 Team Building Activities

Gone are the days when team buildings included wearing camouflage clothing and competing in mud pools. Team buildings form a crucial part of many emerging and well established company’s social calendar. This is to ensure that employees don’t dive too deep into their professional space and is also a great outlet to let loose and get to know fellow colleagues outside of their work environment.

Coming up with fun and interactive team building activities could be quite a hassle but thanks to us, you don’t have to scratch your head further. Start Up Mag has compiled #Top5 interesting  activities for your upcoming team building at work.

1. Cook Off

The team leader could divide the team into two or more. Each team will be required to flex their creative muscles by formulating succulent  and innovative meals, using ingredients that are a bit far from the usual. For example a coconut infused turkey or cocoyams turned into a nice creamy mash! … Get the drift?

2. Something Touristy

This is perfect for a more conservative group. Not everyone loves doing those over the top adventurous activities. A simple boat cruise on the beautiful and serene nearby lake could easily do the trick. Also, a short trip to a museum could evoke emotions of gratitude from the group. (We know how sentimental museums are! ).

3. Ever thought of watching a soccer match with your colleagues? Yep, it sounds like a plan! These days, companies head out to sports games means of just unwinding from the professional setting at the office. This would be a great way to pump up the team’s spirits.

4.  Friday Drinks & Board Games

Many new age companies have pinned Friday’s as “let loose” day. Whereby a time frame in the afternoon is set to permit staff to consume alcohol and play board games, usually after 3pm. But for those who don’t drink alcohol, soda’s should be provided. Try this out and watch your team loosen up a bit!

5. Karaoke Sessions

An introduction of a karaoke session could be tricky for the more introverted kind, but perhaps the inclusion of a prize money could be motivational? Try it!

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