Everything You Need To Know About The Fruits and Vegetables Vendors Support Scheme

The Fruit and Vegetables Vendors Support Scheme is aimed at supporting informal and micro businesses in the Fruit and Vegetables Vendors sub-sector of the Fresh Produce industry through:- Provision of business focused support packages- Identification and implementation of value chain linkages between suppliers, vendors- Packaging of common basket of goods to quantify stock merchandise-Facilitation of relationships and collaborative support interventions that enhances service delivery and increase sector performance through vibrant systems

Who can apply for the Fruits and Vegetables Vendors Support Scheme?Fruits and Vegetables vendor owners with;- Municipal trade permits- Selling Fruits and Vegetables on designated spots in townships, rural areas and CBD areas demarcated in terms of municipal by laws for trading purposes

Financial support covered by the Fruit and Vegetable Vendor Support Scheme is a once-off grant to the value R1000 per entrepreneur to assist vendor owner with:- Purchasing of Stock items in the form of Fruits and Vegetables- Market access through strengthening linkages with different categories of customers – i.e. households customers, open air food traders

Visit www.smmesa.gov.za to register your business & apply.

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