Businesses Owned By Kenny Kunene

Businesses Owned By Kenny Kunene. Kenny Kunene is a South African ex-convict, businessman, former Secretary-General of the Patriotic Alliance. While working as a high school English teacher, Kunene opened a shebeen selling alcohol after work and began engaging in criminal activities including robberies and fraud. In 1997, he was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme for which he served six years in prison. After his prison stint, Kunene became a motivational speaker and became active in local politics. He later opened a club called ZAR and became known for throwing lavish parties. In 2011, he drew controversy for hosting “sushi parties” where guest ate sushi off the bodies of half naked women. Throughout the controversy Kunene remained a good businessman as he was able to build companies after coming out of prison. Below are some of the businesses owned by Kenny Kunene.

Africa News 24-7

Africa News 24-7 is an online news site dedicated to bringing news from South Africa and the world. It is committed to provide up-to-date news that is relevant and accurate. It has assembled a team of journalists to bring independent and fair coverage. The new current affairs platform is set to take the digital space by storm, providing hard news, business, politics, analysis, entertainment, lifestyle and sports news and features for its readers. Over and above the current affairs from a written perspective, the digital offering is also home to some cutting edge audio visuals and video streaming in a time where people tend to consume news bite size chunks on various social media platforms.

Kusema Media Group

Kenny Kunene is the owner of Kusema Media Group which publishes the news platform Africa News 24-7. The new website and application, was unveiled at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton to South African media industry leaders, game changers and entrepreneurs. This news platform that was launched by Kusema Media Group is set to throw the entire digital media landscape in South Africa into a tailspin.

Yookoo Rides

Kunene announced that he had invested an undisclosed amount in Johannesburg based Yookoo Ride, a firm that was founded in 2017 by Temesgen Tesfay. Kenny Kunene changed his ways and decided to launch his taxi company called Yokoo Rides to compete with giants like Uber and Bolt. So far the company is doing well and making Kenny Kunene fortunes.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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