EcoSlips Is A Start-Up That Aims To Make Accessing Transaction Slips Much Easier

EcoSlips Is A Start-Up That Aims To Make Accessing Transaction Slips Much Easier. EcoSlips is a start-up based in Centurion, it was selected for incubation support via Mlab, MAXUM Business Accelerator and the SA Innovation Hub, which is funded by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA).

EcoSlips is a messaging platform that sends transaction slips digitally from Point-of-Sale and other transactional systems to the customer’s cell phone. It aims to provide one independent service that all consumers will use at any retailer or bank to save transaction slips safely in the cloud, where it is easily accessible at any time from any location. With its innovative algorithms and ground breaking technology, EcoSlips links consumers to retailers without exposing their private information. Its target market is vast, easily accessible and consists of retailers, banks and every consumer that buys a product or completes a bank transaction through an ATM.

EcoSlips is a cloud based platform that consists of a website, message exchange service, administration system and integration services, linked to a mobile application. All these components are integrated to provide one coherent end-to-end solution. EcoSlips has won the MTN App of the Year award for Best Incubated Mobile Solution 2018.

EcoSlips can be integrated with retailers, online shopping sites, banks, telecommunication networks, public services and POS software vendors to digitise their transaction slips. It also partners with payment switches and financial institutions that provide card processing services to their merchants. The digitisation service can be integrated with point of sale terminals, credit card devices, ATMs and any other transactional systems. It provides detailed technical documentation that describes how to integrate the system. It will send the clients’ branded transaction slips together with contact details to clearly identify where the slips are coming from. Other value-added services, such as real-time customer feedback, geographic targeted advertising and transaction reconciliations are available.

This is how the platform works; one should download the app to their Android or iOS Smart Phone. When they register, a unique pin number is provided that can be entered at any participating retailer. People do not need to share any contact details, such as their mobile number or email address with retailers in order to receive an EcoSlips. When paying for the items that they purchased they can enter the EcoSlips pin number (when paying cash), or scan a QR code that is printed on the paper slip, or swipe their debit/credit card, to receive a digital receipt on their phone. Where retailers have not yet joined customers may simply take a snapshot and upload the receipt. A neatly formatted expense report with all their transaction slips can be sent to their employer, medical scheme or tax authority, straight from their phone.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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