Endeavor Aims To Introduce Young Entrepreneurs To A Network Of Business Mentors

Endeavor Aims To Introduce Young Entrepreneurs To A Network Of Business Mentors. Endeavor South Africa opened its offices in 2004 and has led high-impact entrepreneurs to success by catalysing long-term economic growth through selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs South Africa has to offer.

Endeavor connects entrepreneurs with personal mentors who provide ongoing one-on-one support. Mentors are selected from Endeavor’s active global network and are matched based on the entrepreneur’s goals, needs and interests. Mentor relationships are continuous and provide entrepreneurs with inspiration and support. Endeavor works with entrepreneurs to build a team of advisors pulled from Endeavor’s active global network. The Advisory Panel serves as a “global board of directors” for their entrepreneurs, meeting quarterly with them to provide feedback on business and organizational challenges. This provides Endeavor Entrepreneurs with critical input from experienced professionals as they work to scale their businesses.

Endeavor helps its entrepreneurs connect with mentors and associates in the global network through a targeted and needs-based approach. Connections include mentoring, strategic advice and introductions with a variety of organisations and individuals in a number of fields. In addition to linking entrepreneurs with one another, Endeavor also facilitates introductions and meetings with consultants in fields ranging from accounting to public relations.

Endeavor South Africa’s values are deeply entrenched in “A Culture of Big Thinking”, what this means for it is the ability to think, work, act on ideas and philosophies that help make those dreams become a reality. Endeavor South Africa is a mission-driven, global organisation leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in the country. Its values that guide it start with putting its entrepreneurs first because it is an organisation of, by and for entrepreneurs. It is built on a network of mutual trust and respect and it constantly strives to multiple its impact where ever possible while always looking to pay it forward.

Since its launch, Endeavor South Africa has selected 97 Entrepreneurs, leading 73 companies in multiple industries across FinTech, Healthcare, Technology, FMCG, Agriculture, Education and Enterprise Software & Services. To date, it has screened over 4000 companies and has enlisted the support of 165 active mentors who provide rich expertise in a variety of industries. The company is committed in leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to drive long-term economic growth and build strong entrepreneurship ecosystems in growth markets by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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