Coffee Brand Daggie’s Express Seeks To Blend Ethiopian And South African Cultures

Coffee Brand Daggie’s Express Seeks To Blend Ethiopian And South African Cultures. Established in 2020, Daggie’s Express Coffee is a coffee brand that was founded and is owned by Dagmawit Abebe (Daggi) an Ethiopian woman based in South Africa. The brand is dedicated to producing high-quality, specialty Ethiopian coffee. The company is committed to sourcing and roasting coffee beans from the finest Arabica-producing regions in Ethiopia. Its coffee boasts unique and complex flavours, ranging from fruity, sweet to rich and nutty, as well as brightness, clarity, and smooth finishes.

As the founder of Daggie’s Express Dagmawit Abebe is a dynamic entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the retail sector. She is a mother of two, and a regular blogger on issues of motherhood, gender equality, women in business, and other issues close to her heart. Her resilience and dedication to this project, and to her work, has inspired many women.

Through her business the founder is especially committed to promoting and uplifting girls and women with the aim of building a better, safer, and more advanced society in South Africa, Ethiopia and, Africa at large. The various cultural and business ventures in which she is engaged in offer her a chance to integrate and showcase her two homes. That is why she brought Ethiopian roasted and ground coffee to South Africa! She aims to ensure that she plays a role in blending the two cultures through business and tourism, and helps to unlock some of the many opportunities on the African continent for greater collaboration and exchange.

Apart from her work in the retail sector Dagmawit has served as Director of Ethiopian Women in RSA; she is the co-founder of Girls Period, a company that manufactures affordable, washable sanitary pads; and she is one of the Directors of Ripples for Change, an NPO that works on youth development in rural South Africa.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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