DJ Sbu Highlights The Kind Of Mindset An Entrepreneur Needs When They Are Facing Adversity

DJ Sbu Highlights The Kind Of Mindset An Entrepreneur Needs When They Are Facing Adversity. In business there can be many challenges that entrepreneurs have to face in order to for their business to thrive to its highest potential. This is very prevalent in small business owners that are from disadvantaged areas. In an interview with Yoco, South African Musician and entrepreneur DJ Sbu highlighted the kind of mind-set an entrepreneur needs to have whenever they are faced with challenges.

DJ Sbu reiterated that to him entrepreneurship on its own is a mindset of defeating any challenges and creating a way where there seems to be none, “… it’s a mindset of that kid who doesn’t have money to go back to the hood, come up with some sort of story so he can get some cash to go back home, it’s a mindset that the car guards have, the fact that you’re making money, you’re an entrepreneur, if you already have the mindset you’re halfway there but for you to start that mindset moving towards you building something or channelling your energy towards something you need to start, a lot of people analyse too much and they start thinking what if I fail, for me if you’ve got an attitude of a go getter and somebody who gets things done, you will find a way.”

DJ Sbu is a seasoned entrepreneur in his own right in that he founded successful companies such as TS Records, Mofaya Energy Drinks and Massiv Metro. An entrepreneur needs to have mindset that is strong and can be resilient towards any form of challenges that they face in the world of business. Small businesses often face challenges of not having access to funding or information, an entrepreneur should embrace this challenge and therefore set out plans and ways that they believe will lead to finding an suitable solution. This distinguishes the people who get ahead in business and the people who do not.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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