Gemelli Founder Alessandro Mosupi Khojane Shares How He Made His Restaurant Feel Like A Home For Its Customers

Gemelli Founder Alessandro Mosupi Khojane Shares How He Made His Restaurant Feel Like A Home For Its Customers. In an Instagram post founder of Gemelli Alessandro Mosupi Khojane shared his journey that led to him building one of the most successful restaurants in South Africa. He shared how the support of the people has been able to carry the restaurant to the heights it has reached now.

He said, “Gemelli has been a dream since 2007, that’s why I moved from Durban to Joburg but it only happened in 2015. To be honest I just wanted to open a family restaurant that caters to everyone from the age of 1 to 70, that was the idea and how its grown to the shop it is, is beyond my biggest dreams and I always say this shop is the customers’ shop, it’s not my shop and I think that customers have decided how this shop is going to go. Till today I still call it the people’s restaurant, I’ve always… People follow me as a brand, I told myself that I might not have the best business plan in the world but I’ve got the biggest support in Gauteng, all I have to do is deliver the product and that’s the easy part from me.”

Alessandro Mosupi Khojane grew up in Roma, Italy, around a large family who enjoyed entertaining friends, which sparked his own love for people and food. With over 10 years in the industry, Alessandro has developed a passion for seeing truly happy customers enjoying their food experience. It’s the experience of dining together, eating from each other’s plates, sharing stringy bites, stealing toppings, sneaking desserts into the kids just before bedtime, laughing, dining, wining, celebrating and enjoying. For the restaurant it’s about family first.

Gemelli, whilst simple in its approach, aims to always deliver high on food expectation. Gemelli’s contemporary Italian food menu relates to and depends heavily on seasonality, sustainability and provenance in terms of the ingredients sourced. Italy, and its incomparable cuisine, is in the heart of the restaurant that’s why it explores innovative, contemporary ways of paying homage to its timeless flavour profiles and combinations, with a memorable touch of Gemelli personality.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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