Entrepreneur Matsi Modise Shares Why She Thinks A Start-Up Act Is Needed In South Africa

Entrepreneur Matsi Modise Shares Why She Thinks A Start-Up Act Is Needed In South Africa. In an interview with AfricArena, South African entrepreneur Matsi Modise shared why she thinks a Start-Up Act is needed in South Africa.

She said, “Start-Up acts are very important in a country that’s trying to grow high impact and high growth entrepreneurship, we feel that we have to have a clear guide that talks to the mission, that talks to what does success looks like and what role does each and every stakeholder play. So the startup act is really going to help use drive and make South Africa great again its going to make sure investments ready, we going to be able to attract the necessary talent and necessary investments. We are also going to try and create an enabling, inclusive environment because young guys and girls from township environment need to also buy into this and feel like a part of it. Technology tends to be exclusive for the select few, so having a piece of legislation that talks to, this is for the country and if we have to look at entrepreneurship itself, it could get this country on the right trajectory in terms of economic growth.”

This can consist of well-meaning and hard-working South Africans that are working around the clock to make life easier for South African startups by developing a startup act. The proposed act is a form of an invitation to South Africans to have their say about what can be done to enable local start-ups to grow without hurdles. Modise shows the importance of having a regulatory body in place that is going to hold people accountable. This will make sure that that startups get to have a support system they can go to-to fight for their rights.

Modise is a seasoned entrepreneur as she is the founder of Furaha Afrika Holdings which is a progressive Pan-African organisation dedicated to enable and leverage growth across the African continent. The company’s subsidiary companies, Furaha Advisory, Furaha Capital and Furaha Human Capital Solutions are strategically positioned to drive and contribute towards this growth.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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