SA Rapper K.O Announces Skhanda World’s Partnership With Grey Wolf Clothing

SA Rapper K.O Announces Skhanda World’s Partnership With Grey Wolf Clothing. South African rapper and entrepreneur K.O took to Twitter to announce that Skhanda World has partnered with Grey Wolf Clothing for a collection collaboration that will be available at over 150 Studio 88 stores nationwide.

The post read, “BIG NEWS: @skhandaworld x GREY WOLF COLLABORATION In stores 08/04/22, 20 pieces, over 150 @studio_88 outlets nationwide (see store lists). As seen in #EMOYENI video… Jackets, Tee’s, cargo pants, hoodies, sweaters and more…” The brands have collaborated in a partnership that is likely to be very lucrative as both brands have built their customer bases and now they can leverage this to make sure that they sell more products. Partnering with Studio 88 also shows how this collaboration is set to be highly lucrative for both brands as it is a well established retail store that is credible within the fashion industry.

The Grey Wolf designs are multi-faceted, fused by different cultures, lifestyles, ideas and attitudes. Grey Wolf is a men’s fashion brand designed with the feel of high-end luxury brands as evident is the streetwear aesthetic that flaunts the DIY aspect. Grey Wolf collections are edgy, reflecting lifestyle and strong attributes to individuality as it believes that anything goes is the rule of thumb and not conforming to trends is the way. Grey Wolf is for those that turn ideas into action, those who refuse to follow conventions and those are the people of the urban scene.

These brand collaboratting shows that a lot more can be achieved through forming the right partnerships and making sure that the brand is exposed to different markets that will also increase its reach and sales, thus also increasing its revenue. This partnership is also fitting both brands are catering to the street culture clothing and they know what the market wants, therefore they will be able to provide it.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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