Interview With Businessman And CEO Of Mattfin: Lyle Ryan Irwin

Interview With Businessman And CEO Of Mattfin: Lyle Ryan Irwin. There are a lot of people who have issues regarding their home loans, this is an issue that arises when people are not educated enough about how they can best manoeuvre through their home loan repayment process. We recently had an interview with a home loan expert, businessman and CEO of Mattfin, Lyle Ryan Irwin. Mattfin is a company that assists employed, indebted home owners to overcome their debt and achieve full credit worthiness. Check out the interview below.

1. What inspired you to want to help people make good credit and home loan decisions?

Being in the property industry all my life, I’ve encountered many spheres of opportunities as well as some very brutal heartaches. People’s homes and livelihood stripped away from them as a result. Many consumers struggle with poor credit and debt for various reasons. At times it’s bad financial planning and most times, circumstantial. Sadly, there are very limited options available and the criteria to acquire finances are very rigorous.

2. What solutions does Mattfin provide to help people solve their financial issues?

Our solution is very different and very unique. We look at each client’s situation holistically and try to rehabilitate clients who are in financial distress, but own a property to somehow reach that breakthrough and that ‘once in a lifetime’ change, or to say, new chapter in life. Our concept is basically the same as that of the banks with the process being different.

3. Please explain how people can set up their finances in order for them to have good financial and credit records?

It’s a common question. Maintaining a good credit score/record is kind of simple, yet tricky. Tricky in the sense that a consumer can have their credit application declined for a simple late payment, missed or skipped payment. It’s important to always work on a budget and at all times try to have funds available to carry throughout the month. Living within your means is probably the safest way. Without any compromise, start small and save, save, save.

4. What factors should people consider before they decide to take out a home loan?

Fundamentally it boils down to..”can we/I afford it? Most consumers live by the saying “I just want to get into the property market” not really thinking and planning accordingly and the repercussions it may have in the long run. Recovering from a huge financial commitment isn’t easy and can take a lifetime to recover. Make sure you can afford it and make sure it’s within your financial means.

5. How does Mattfin make sure that it is giving people credible financial advice?

Our program is very straightforward. We show the clients what their current situation looks like compared to what it will look like after the Mattfin process. It’s safe to say, our advice is self-explanatory J.

6. How have people received Mattfin, is it getting recognition and support?

Extremely well. At first glance we usually hear ‘ It’s too good to be true”. Well, it’s true therefore it has to be good. Clients can’t thank us enough. Mattfin has liberated and salvaged numerous homes which were in line to be sold off , repossessed and/or auctioned. The numbers speak for themselves.

7. What challenges would you say you faced in your journey as the CEO of Mattfin?

Arguably, my biggest headache was to build and start something not a lot of people would trust. Let alone the start-up fees and finding investors to buy into my idea. Usually, identifying the real market needs. Thankfully, being in the industry this long I’ve managed to identify those needs. I saw the gap in the market and related to such consumers and I’ve studied every pattern, and behaviour before I’ve endeavoured into starting up this business. It came with many trials and errors, sleepless nights and most importantly my resilience and my pursuit to not give up.

8. What are some strategies people can implement to ensure a good credit score for the long term?

Factors to consider… . Don’t miss payments, · Catch up on overdue accounts, · Pay off revolving and older debt, · Limit how often you apply for credit.

9. How can people ensure they maintain a good financial record after taking a home loan?

· Pay your bills on time · Stay within your budget and expenditure · Maintain credit history with older accounts · Only apply for new debt if and when absolutely needed.

10. What advice can you give to small people that are employed but cannot afford to pay back loans?

Great outcomes come from great sacrifices. Seek financial advice from financial planners and let them assist in a thorough needs analysis and plan going forward.

11. Is it advisable for people to apply for a personal loan when they want to build a house?

Home loans attract lower interest rates and will always be the preferred means and motivation to acquire credit for property.

12. What impact does Mattfin seek to achieve in the next five years?

At Mattfin we have a trust and respect relationship between us and consumers. We pride ourselves in that hence us being relevant and operational for this long. Our aim and goal is to build and transform this brand as a formidable name in the industry. We’ve been around for over a decade and to date we’ve made ground as the market leader in our industry. Our goal is to ensure we cement our footprint and become a house name brand.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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