Cheeba Cannabis Training And Training Force Partner To Bring Hemp Training To Africa

Cheeba Cannabis Training And Training Force Partner To Bring Hemp Training To Africa. Cheeba Cannabis Training, the leading Cannabis and hemp educator in Africa, has partnered with Training Force, a top training provider focused on delivering job-specific skills assessments and training, to expand hemp training opportunities across the continent. This collaboration will provide learners with access to over 45 Training Force sites throughout the country and the seven official Cheeba Cannabis & Hemp Training Centres.

The partnership was celebrated with an event held at the Cheeba Cannabis Training Centre in Midrand on the 10th of May, where guest speakers discussed the pressing need for regulatory reform and the establishment of a commercial framework for the cannabis industry. Among the distinguished speakers was Mayanda Bam, a renowned consultant from BCubed Consulting Friends of Hemp, and an ardent activist for cannabis reform. With his expertise and passion, Bam delivered an inspiring talk emphasising the significance of creating a robust regulatory system that ensures the responsible and safe cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis.

The event served as a catalyst for fostering dialogue and collaboration among industry professionals, policymakers, and advocates, paving the way for a progressive future in the cannabis sector. Daniel Orelowitz, Managing Director of Training Force, added, “This partnership represents a significant step forward for the hemp industry in Africa. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this exciting and rapidly growing industry which will play a significant role in job creation.”

Hemp is a versatile crop with numerous applications, including food, fuel, and fibre, and contains cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound with a range of health benefits. Despite the prospects, the industry is still in its early stages, particularly in Africa, where knowledge and training opportunities are limited. The industry is a burgeoning one and according to Polaris Market Research, the global industrial hemp market size was valued at USD 4.26 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.9% by 2030. Africa, with approximately 200 million hectares of uncultivated land, is poised to become a leading player in hemp cultivation and processing.

“The collaboration with Training Force will allow us to broaden our reach and provide access to hemp education for individuals across the continent to support job creation and SMME development. We look forward to leveraging Training Force’s vast network of training sites and infrastructure to achieve this,” said Linda Siboto, co-founder of Cheeba Cannabis Training. The initial programs will deliver SETA-aligned NQF Level 2 and 4 programs covering “How to Start a Hemp Business,” “Hemp Cultivation and Processing,” and Africa’s first accredited Hempcrete Building course in partnership with Afrimathemp, accredited by the SA Council for Architectural Profession and the Engineering Council of SA, with more programs to follow.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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