ALNET Technologies Partners With AllCloud To Revolutionise Loan Management In South Africa

ALNET Technologies Partners With AllCloud To Revolutionise Loan Management In South Africa. In a significant development for SA’s financial sector, ALNET Technologies has partnered with AllCloud to introduce a cutting-edge loan origination and loan management system – AllCloud’s Unified Lending Technology – that is set to revolutionise the lending landscape in the country and potentially drive economic growth.

ALNET Technologies specialises in innovative software solutions for the financial services industry and brings a wealth of IP and experience to this partnership. With a track record of implementing innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiencies, ALNET Technologies is well-positioned to introduce this revolutionary loan management system to financial service providers (FSPs).

AllCloud – a leading cloud services provider and loan management specialist – brings its extensive knowledge of cloud-based solutions to the table with expertise in cloud architecture, data management and security. This ensures the new loan management system is not only efficient but also highly secure and scalable. AllCloud serves as a foundational technology platform that traverses business arenas, fostering innovation and enhancing operational efficiencies in the lending sector across India, Southeast Asia and Africa, with over 95 banks and NBFIs as its customers.

“The collaboration aims to streamline and modernise the local loan application and approval process, providing greater efficiency and accessibility for both borrowers and lenders,” says Gary Govender, Business Development, ALNET Technologies.

“Access to credit is a crucial element of financial empowerment and economic development. It allows individuals, businesses and governments to borrow money to finance expenditures, investments and infrastructure projects. This, in turn, leads to the creation of jobs, increased production of goods and services, and higher tax revenues. However, traditional loan application and approval processes are often cumbersome and inefficient. Borrowers face challenges ranging from complex paperwork to lengthy approval times, while lenders grapple with high administrative costs and increased risk,” says Govender.

He confirms the two businesses recognised a gap in the local loan management market. “By combining our expertise and technology solutions, we have created a game-changing system that promises to transform the lending experience in the region.”

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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