How JobJack Aims To Connect Job Seekers And Employers

How JobJack Aims To Connect Job Seekers And Employers. JOBJACK serves as the connecting platform between job seekers and employers. The company is addressing the issue of accessibility and affordability for job seekers in South Africa through its free online job platform. For employers, the company offers the opportunity to automate and streamline their recruitment process.

The company’s vision for JOBJACK is to help employ the world, as it believes that every hardworking and honest person deserves a job. With its job platform, the company has have created an easy to use solution for both job seekers and employers. Launched in 2018, JOBJACK was created as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect. Its co-founders realised, after organising waitering jobs for friends and family, that there is a need for a singular platform where job seekers can find available positions.

By staying up to date with technology the founders have created an easy to use platform where job seekers can register, create their JOBJACK CVs and apply for available positions in their area. Employers have the same option to register on the JOBJACK platform and post their available positions – giving them access to relevant candidates.

Motivated by its vision to employ the world, the company believes through exceptional service and innovation it can create greater accessibility for both job seekers and employers. Its technology provides the opportunity to experience modern recruitment methods on one comprehensive, cost-effective and convenient platform.

The company also had the incredible privilege to be awarded as the winners for the Future of Work category in the Startup Club ZA Start up and Investors Awards 2023! “We would like to congratulate all the finalists and winners, we are honored to be amongst such incredible innovative South African companies.” it said in a LinkedIn post.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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