How FutureProof SA Seeks To Encourage Kids To Have Entrepreneurial Mindsets

How FutureProof SA Seeks To Encourage Kids To Have Entrepreneurial Mindsets. FutureproofSA gives kids the opportunity to architect their own futures by catalyzing entrepreneurial thinking and action. The company is a seasoned national network of entrepreneurs who are committed to solving the unemployment crisis in South Africa by not only teaching entrepreneurship but creating a safe space where young people can take action. The company believes that entrepreneurship is a mechanism for intervening in the poverty cycle that the majority of the youth are caught up in.

The company teaches entrepreneurship to kids and teens using programs offered both online and in face-to-face sessions. All the programs are based on an academically solid foundation that teaches and measures skills rather than knowledge. It doesn’t want entrepreneurs that know the textbook on business, it wants to develop kids and teens that can apply the skills in practical situations.

If you have identified the innovative skills and shining light within yourself or your child to be an entrepreneur, you can join FutureproofSA online and join the 10 levels and quests to be an entrepreneur as well as join the company’s specially designed programs that are created to be used in schools too.

FutureproofSA is committed to saving the world, one entrepreneur at a time… and in this journey, it has begun to educate entrepreneurs in some of the official languages too. The company’s 12-module program is available online in most of the local languages, in order to reach more people as well as deepen the impact of their efforts.

Additionally, FutureproofSA holds incredibly valuable school Bootcamp as well as workshops with teachers and in-class support to come alongside teachers which enhance their valuable roles with materials and guidelines on how to grow entrepreneurship skills and tools in their classrooms.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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