Norman Goodfellows And Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

Norman Goodfellows And Announce Groundbreaking Partnership. In a dynamic move set to redefine the landscape of the premium wine and spirits industry, Norman Goodfellows (NGF), South Africa’s leading premium liquor retailer, has acquired a substantial interest in, the nation’s largest online fine wine & spirits marketplace. This strategic acquisition promises to bring together the expertise and reach of two industry powerhouses, that will greatly enhance the liquor buying experience for consumers across South Africa. Port2Port will continue to operate as an independent brand under its current management team, headed by Nicolò Pudel.

Founded in 2015 and quickly rising to prominence with the backing of banking entrepreneur Michael Jordaan and Distell, has established itself as a premier online destination for wine enthusiasts. Offering an impressive selection of over 2,500 products from 500 producers across over 15 countries, has become synonymous with excellence in the fine wine and spirits marketplace. Their innovative Marketplace offering has notably facilitated a seamless connection between producers, both locally and internationally, and a discerning clientele, ensuring the highest quality and integrity of their products through direct shipments from wineries or importers.

The acquisition by Norman Goodfellows, a family-run business with a legacy spanning over four decades in the liquor industry and led by CEO Jason McEvoy, represents a significant step forward in expanding its online capabilities. Norman Goodfellows brings to the table its vast logistics network, extensive warehousing capabilities, and a broad product range, particularly in spirits. This collaboration is poised to elevate Port2Port’s spirits offering to over 1000 on-site products, establishing it as the largest online marketplace for spirits.

“This strategic move will leverage NGF’s industry expertise with Port2Port’s innovative e-commerce expertise, setting a new standard for online wine and spirits shopping. This collaboration is poised to catalyse our growth, allowing us to scale our e-commerce capabilities more rapidly than ever before. We’re not just looking to grow; we aim to transform the way liquor is experienced, bought, and enjoyed by enthusiasts across South Africa,” says Jason McEvoy, CEO of Norman Goodfellows.

Pudel shares his enthusiasm about the transaction, highlighting the timing as particularly opportune given the current trends in the liquor e-commerce market. “This partnership comes at a crucial time for the industry where we are seeing consolidation of online liquor platforms at the lower end. This is therefore a great time for the premium end of the market to expand its offering – both to wine clients and consumers,” Pudel stated. He further emphasised the specialised nature of online liquor sales and’s commitment to leveraging their expertise in this arena to the benefit of the newly merged entity.

Mbali Zondo, Marketing Director of the NGF group added that the alignment of both companies presented massive opportunity: “This partnership not only signifies a major expansion in offerings and market reach for both Norman Goodfellows and but also marks the beginning of a formidable partnership capable of taking on any ecommerce competition in South Africa’s liquor retail market. The combined strengths and talents of both companies, from Port2Port’s e-commerce excellence and extensive wine selection to Norman Goodfellows’ distribution prowess, are set to create an unparalleled force in the industry.”

As this dynamic partnership unfolds, the wine industry can anticipate a phase of exponential growth as well as increased visibility for premium wine farms through’s Marketplace offering. This initiative is expected to provide invaluable opportunities for growth and exposure, addressing the pressing challenge of profitability through traditional market routes for many in the wine sector.

“The partnership between Norman Goodfellows and is not just a significant business transaction; it is a visionary collaboration that promises to bring about a new era in the wine and spirits e-commerce industry, delivering an unmatched selection, quality, and service to consumers and producers alike,” Pudel concluded.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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