SA StartUp Local Roots Africa Seeks To Provide A Marketplace For Locally-Owned And Produced Products

SA StartUp Local Roots Africa Seeks To Provide A Marketplace For Locally-Owned And Produced Products. South African startup Local Roots Africa is a company that has a goal to collaborate with Quality brands that are enthusiastic and growth orientated, from clothing, cosmetics, shoes/sneakers, bags, hair care products, sleepwear, jewelery and more. The company seeks to be in a position of being one of the biggest preferred suppliers of African products nationwide and Africa at large.

The company’s long term goal is to have warehouse outlets (e.g Makro) as point of sales nationwide, where customers can walk in and shop which ever brand they find comfort in. The company aims to introduce itself to the nation first, then when the time comes to the world. The company believes that different products and brands that are produced by local people can compete overtime with some of the commonly known brands. It is not just an online store but on a journey of building, growing and inspiring creatives to take up space in the business world with the true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Founder of Local Roots Africa Khaya Tshabalala told Vutivi News, “I did my research and realised that there are so many locally-owned and produced products that needed a market of their own. When I look to list a product, I perform quality assurance checks and when I am happy with the product, I then proceed to list it. When I started the business, I was an unknown person in the sector and as a result, I had to do a lot of convincing. However, today Local Roots Africa works with over 40 brands, and we’ve come to the point where brands are approaching us to put their products on our platforms.”

Local Roots Africa’s aim is not to convince people to buy into its line of brands becuase they are black owned but rather to promote quality products from young African entrepreneurs who want to change how the world views black business.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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