SA StartUp SpaceSalad Partners With Zapiro

SA StartUp SpaceSalad Partners With Zapiro. SpaceSalad Studios, a multi-award-winning indie game studio, has collaborated with renowned editorial cartoonist Zapiro to launch Point of Order (P.O.O) Weekly, a groundbreaking presidential decision-making simulator game. Scheduled to be released ahead of South Africa’s upcoming general elections, P.O.O Weekly aims to educate, engage and empower young people while addressing the concerning trend of low voter engagement among South Africa’s youth.

P.O.O Weekly combines fun and education in a satirical and parody-style format, with gameplay based on real events and issues to educate players about the complexities of governance. It puts players in the shoes of a “newly-elected” president, empowering them to shape the future of their country through policy implementation. Every decision made in the game carries consequences, challenging players to navigate obstacles and defeat enemies to ensure their policies come to fruition. The question is: will players choose to do good for their citizens, or will they act in their own self-interests?

Thabo Tsolo, CEO and game designer at SpaceSalad Studios, shares the vision for P.O.O Weekly: “We’ve aimed to provide players with an engaging and interactive experience that educates them about political processes while promoting critical thinking and civic engagement. The game provides a realistic and immersive experience in which players navigate through various scenarios, make policy decisions, and address critical issues facing their country.”

Founded in 2019, SpaceSalad Studios specialises in creating games that tackle societal issues through an African identity and narrative. The studio prioritises diversity, impact, and sustainability in its game development, and hopes to profoundly increase voter engagement in the upcoming elections by offering young people an insight into the complex decisions that leaders make every day.

Zapiro, known for the social commentary he expresses through his editorial cartoons, serves as the creative director of P.O.O Weekly. His vast experience in satire and political events adds depth and authenticity to the game’s narrative.

The company is one of the latest additions to the growing stable of businesses mentored by venture builder and business incubator Aions Creative Technology, headed by serial entrepreneur Mitchan Adams. Aions’ unique approach bridges the gap between incubation and venture capital-readiness, thus providing SpaceSalad Studios with the support, resources, and entrepreneurial know-how needed to pursue more innovative game development projects. “Our vision has always been to create games that have an impact on our players’ lives and create value in their communities. Our, partnership with Aions gives us the leverage we need to continue driving change through gamification,” says Tsolo.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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