10 South African Entrepreneurs Championing Sustainable Practices

10 South African Entrepreneurs Championing Sustainable Practices. These entrepreneurs are leading the way in promoting sustainability across various sectors, from fashion and food to healthcare and community development. Their innovative approaches and commitment to eco-friendly practices are helping to create a more sustainable future for South Africa.

Thato Kgatlhanye

Thato Kgatlhanye co-founded Repurpose Schoolbags, an innovative initiative that turns recycled plastic bags into solar-powered schoolbags for underprivileged children. The bags help students study after dark and promote recycling.

Lufefe Nomjana

Lufefe Nomjana, also known as “The Spinach King,” founded Espinaca Innovations. The company produces healthy, sustainable spinach-based bread and other products, promoting nutrition and sustainable farming practices.

Catherine Constantinides

Catherine Constantinides is a prominent environmental activist and entrepreneur. Through Miss Earth South Africa, she promotes environmental awareness, sustainability, and conservation efforts across the country.

Catherine Morris

Catherine Morris’ company, Green Home, provides eco-friendly and compostable food packaging solutions. Their products help reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable practices in the food industry.

Lucky Kgwadi

Lucky Kgwadi co-founded Ekasi Bucks, a community currency that encourages local spending and supports small businesses. The initiative promotes economic sustainability and empowers local communities.

Sizwe Nzima

Sizwe Nzima founded Iyeza Express, a bicycle courier service that delivers chronic medication to patients in underserved areas. The company promotes sustainable transportation and improves healthcare access.

Gugu Nkabinde

Gugu Nkabinde founded Gugu Intimates, an eco-friendly underwear brand that uses sustainable materials. The company focuses on ethical production practices and promotes body positivity.

Tshepo Mohlala

Tshepo Mohlala, founder of Tshepo Jeans produces high-quality, sustainable denim products. His company emphasizes ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials, and supporting local artisans.

Sarah Collins

Founded by Sarah Collins in 2008, the Wonderbag was developed as a solution to the South African energy shortage forcing blackouts across the country – with the aim of allowing families to continue cooking daily meals even with the absence of power.

Chad Robertson

Chad Robertson is a social entrepreneur from Cape Town and currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Regenize, a recycling solution that’s on a mission to make recycling more accessible, inclusive and rewarding.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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