10 South African Entrepreneurs Pushing Boundaries In Robotics

10 South African Entrepreneurs Pushing Boundaries In Robotics. These South African entrepreneurs are at the forefront of robotics innovation in South Africa, contributing to advancements across multiple industries, from healthcare and education to manufacturing and agriculture. Below are 10 South African entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries in the field of robotics.

Tshegofatso Dladla

With over a decade in the manufacturing industry, in 2018, Tshegofatso Dladla, an engineer, set out to ensure all South African children gain access to tech-based learning opportunities. The RoboSTEAM Train programme has taught ECD (early childhood development) and foundation phase learners across Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The company’s effectiveness has also attracted private and public schools, as it has been an additional extra mural activity offering. RST’s efforts within the industry have earned it the privilege of being part of a number of accelerator and incubator programmes. Additionally, it is also recipients of a grant from Injini Africa. The company’s work has reached over 500 learners and aims to stretch over to 10000 by 2030.

James Paterson

James Paterson is the co-founder of Aerobotics. This is a data analytics company using aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to optimize crop performance for farmers around the world. The company makes it possible for farmers to interact with this data through its mobile and web applications.

Rapelang Rabana

Rapelang’s company, Rekindle Learning integrates robotics and AI into educational tools, making learning more interactive and engaging for students.

William Peter Venter

William Venter is a South African businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist. Venter founded Allied Electronics Corporation (Altron) in 1965. Since 1965, the company has been harnessing the power of data, technology, and human ingenuity to solve real-world problems – from the everyday to the epic. Today, its industry solutions, digital business and distribution services help its customers operate, optimise, and build for the future.

Ryan Beech

Ryan Beech is the Managing Director and Founder of Ryonic Robotics and Supply robotics. Ryonic Robotics develops robots for providing pipe inspection services. As such, their product offerings include tethered pipe inspection crawlers, mine/cave exploration solutions, PTZ cameras, and automation products. The robotic offerings are wheeled and are designed to traverse any pipeline width.

Frans Cronje

Frans co-founded DataProphet, which uses AI and robotics to optimize manufacturing processes, reduce defects, and improve overall efficiency in production lines.

Jacobus Els

Jacobus Els is the co-founder of Revolute Systems, the company provides a wide range of precision agriculture measurement tools and management software. Whether you are in farming or consulting, it provides an operation with the latest remote sensing capabilities. Its tech is able to quantify variations in soil, canopy health and fruit load to help farmers optimize inputs and ultimately harvest better yields.

Tyrone van Balla

Tyrone van Ball is the co-founder of RD9. RD9 is a technology innovation company with the vision of employing technology, science and engineering to develop innovative solutions to a variety of PROBLEMS. Currently, RD9 is embarking on Project MIIA: a project aiming to introduce a low-cost DIY robotics platform to be used as a learning and teaching tool for electronics and programming.

David O’Brien

Meerkat was founded in 2016 by David O’Brien. A qualified actuary who has spent over 20 years developing products in a large insurance company. David became frustrated at the low savings rate and limited access to financial services in South Africa, and therefore conceived the promise of Meerkat “looking out for you”.

Heinrich Hanekom

Heinrich Hanekom is the founder of Sure Hatch. Surehatch is a leading manufacturer of quality egg incubator and hatchers, chicken brooders and hammer mills for feed making. The company has built its reputation in the incubation industry on quality and efficiency. Its egg incubators are designed to suit the needs of breeders wanting to produce their own poultry on both a small, medium and large scale.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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