SA StartUp Adagin Technologies Aims To Change The Agricultural Landscape

SA StartUp Adagin Technologies Aims To Change The Agricultural Landscape. Adagin Technologies is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking company impacting the South African and international agricultural industry by providing innovative and practical solutions in partnership with its clients, which helps them become more productive, efficient and profitable.

Adagin Technologies’ founder FG Adriaanse started his entrepreneurial journey from a side project with a grape picking harness while doing his Masters in Logistics at Stellenbosch University. Co-founders Justin Vellacott and JD Naudé joined the journey by combining their passion for farming, programming and engineering and together they created some of the latest and progressive agricultural technology in the industry.

Since inception, Adagin has grown from a simple harness solution to a full suite of high-tech solutions helping farmers manage their harvesting outputs with scanners and satellite technology managing their workforce cost with smart phones and improving their yields with smart-scales. Adagin’s vision is to simplify agricultural technologies, for all to use and sustain man-kind in the future through intelligent farming.

Adagin continues to change the agricultural landscape, driven by a mission to equip farmers with the tools of tomorrow. Its commitment extends beyond its technological solutions, it is a pledge to nurture the growth of sustainable farming practices worldwide.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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