Top 5 Investing Platforms For South Africans

Top 5 Investing Platforms For South Africans. The investing landscape for South Africans is dynamic and diverse, offering a range of opportunities from traditional stock investments on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) to modern digital platforms that provide access to global markets. With increasing access to technology and the rise of user-friendly platforms South Africans can invest in stocks, ETFs, bonds, and even cryptocurrencies. These platforms are highly rated for their features, user-friendly interfaces, and regulatory compliance, making them suitable for both novice and experienced investors in South Africa.


Luno is a crypto investment app, enabling South Africans to buy, store and explore crypto securely. The company is committed to putting the power of cryptocurrency in people’s hands sensibly and responsibly. Since 2013, it has helped millions of people around the world invest safely in crypto.


Satrix has the most experienced and stable index-tracking team in the market. The company’s long and strong relationships, combined with focused research efforts, and an ethos of innovation are aimed at developing investment products that help its clients achieve their goals. The company manages R200 billion for institutional and retail clients, using a range of vanilla and smart beta strategies across ETFs, index-tracking unit trusts, life pools and segregated portfolios. It is the largest index-tracking business in South Africa.

Livestock Wealth

Livestock Wealth’s vision is for every piece of arable land in Africa to be planted with high value crops. The company has created an innovative platform for Crowdfarming™ where the public can invest in cattle which are under the care and management of a Livestock Wealth Partner Farmer. In doing so, the company helps farmers grow their farms, and move towards realising its vision. The platform has helped its clients to invest in tangible, growing assets at the click of a button. Innovation is at the heart of what the company does and it aims to expand its product range and to become the foremost Crowdfarming™ platform in the world.


EasyEquities offers a user-friendly platform that allows investment in local and international stocks, ETFs, and more with no minimum investment amount. It’s ideal for beginners due to its educational resources and easy-to-navigate interface. The company is FSCA regulated, it has low fees, fractional share investing, and a comprehensive learning center.


Stash is an investment platform that helps South Africans invest in their future, tax free, by saving small amounts of money every day via an app. South Africans can stash automatically from a connected bank card from as little as R5 per day, or simply stash at any time with a press of a button. They can choose to invest their money into either an SA Top 40 Shares portfolio, or a Cash+ portfolio, or into both, depending on their needs and investment goals. As these portfolios grow in value, so does their stash.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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