10 South African Entrepreneurs In The Beauty Industry

10 South African Entrepreneurs In The Beauty Industry. These entrepreneurs have significantly contributed to the South African beauty industry, each bringing unique perspectives and innovations that resonate with local and international consumers. South Africa has a vibrant beauty industry, and several entrepreneurs have made significant impacts in this sector. Here are ten notable South African entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

Ian Fuhr

Ian Fuhr founded Sorbet, a leading beauty salon and spa chain in South Africa. Under his leadership, Sorbet has expanded significantly, offering a wide range of beauty treatments and products.

Renchia Droganis

Renchia Droganis founded Africology, a luxury skincare brand that uses natural African ingredients. The brand emphasizes holistic wellness and has garnered a strong following both locally and internationally.

Sylvia Gruber

Sylvia Gruber is the founder of Rubybox, a beauty subscription service that delivers curated beauty products to subscribers. Rubybox has become a popular platform for discovering new beauty products in South Africa.

Jesslynn Shepherd

Jesslynn Shepherd is the founder of Lulu & Marula, a skincare brand that focuses on natural and ethically sourced ingredients. The brand promotes sustainable beauty practices and has received acclaim for its effective and eco-friendly products.

Ntombenhle Khathwane

Ntombenhle Khathwane founded AfroBotanics, a manufacturer of natural hair, body and baby products as well as eco-friendly household products. The company’s products retail in major retail such as Clicks and are available in 7 African countries. It also has ‘Buntu’, its international natural body products brand. This is a proudly African brand using sustainably sourced African botanicals and it empowers African rural women.

Bev Missing

Bev Missing is the founder of Rain, a company that produces handmade, natural beauty products. Rain emphasizes ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly practices, offering a wide range of skincare and body care products.

Mathebe Molise

Mathebe Molise is the founder of Beauty on Tapp. This is a 100% woman owned beauty e-tailer based in South Africa. The company has created an easy to use platform that retails niche and well known local and international beauty and selfcare brands. It launched its e-commerce platform when it realised there is a demand for an e-tailer thats purely focused on beauty distribution and that can provide an end to end beauty shopping experience.

Linda Gieskes

Linda Gieskes founded Suki Suki Naturals, a hair and skincare brand that uses natural ingredients to create effective and luxurious products. The brand is known for its commitment to sustainability and its celebration of natural beauty.

Taryn Gill

Taryn Gill founded The Perfect Hair, a brand that provides haircare solutions for natural and textured hair. The brand aims to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and offers a range of products to support healthy hair.

Portia Mngomezulu

Portia Mngomezulu is the founder of the skin care products company Portia M Skin Solutions. Portia M is an award-winning cosmetic brand that specialises in skin care solutions. Its products are recommended for Stretch marks, Uneven Skin Tone, Oily, Dehydrated & Acne prone skin. Portia M started with just one product, in 2011, it now has 40 facial and body skin care products that are sold in over 2000 retail stores. The company also has a growing presence in countries around the African continent.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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