10 South African Entrepreneurs In The Green Technology Sector

10 South African Entrepreneurs In The Green Technology Sector. These entrepreneurs are driving innovation in the green technology sector, addressing environmental challenges, and promoting sustainable development in South Africa. Here are ten South African entrepreneurs leading the way in the green technology sector.

Chad Robertson

Chad Robertson is the founder of Regenize, a recycling solution on a mission to make recycling more accessible, inclusive and rewarding. The company provides recycling services to households and apartments, partner with informal collectors to perform the collection and reward residents for recycling with its virtual currency called Remali which can be used to purchase various vouchers from airtime, data, and groceries.

Mike Mulcahy

Mike Mulcahy is the CEO at GreenCape, a sector development agency that supports the growth of the green economy in the Western Cape. The organization helps entrepreneurs develop green technologies and access markets.

Sizwe Nzima

Sizwe Nzima founded Iyeza Express, a bicycle courier service that delivers chronic medication to patients. This eco-friendly solution reduces carbon emissions and provides essential healthcare services efficiently.

Vivian Alberts

Vivian Alberts is the CEO of PTiP, a company specializing in thin-film solar technology. PTiP develops advanced photovoltaic technologies that contribute to clean and renewable energy production.

Catherine Constantinides

Catherine Constantinides is an environmental activist and the founder of Generation Earth, a youth-led environmental organization. She advocates for green technologies and sustainable practices to combat climate change.

Thabang Mabapa

Thabang Mabapa is the founder of SSD, which focuses on producing biodiesel from castor oil plants. His innovative approach to renewable energy provides an alternative to fossil fuels and supports rural development.

Pravashen Naidoo

Pravashen Naidoo is the Founder and Managing Director of EWaste Africa, a company dedicated to responsible electronic waste recycling. The company ensures that e-waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, reducing landfill waste and recovering valuable materials.

Sifiso Ngobese

Sifiso Ngobese is the founder of Unconventional Media Solutions, which develops solar-powered digital billboards. This green technology reduces the energy consumption of traditional billboards and promotes sustainability in advertising.

Vincent Maposa

Vincent Maposa co-founded Wetility, a company offering hybrid solar systems that combine solar power with grid electricity. Their solutions aim to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable for households and businesses.

Murendeni Mafumo

He is the founder of Kusini Water, a social enterprise focused on making clean water available to communities without access. The company sells bottled water and home and office filters. It also partners with businesses who wish to be impactful in communities all over South Africa.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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