10 South African Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Fitness And Wellness

10 South African Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing Fitness And Wellness. These entrepreneurs are making significant contributions to the fitness and wellness landscape in South Africa, offering innovative solutions and services that promote holistic health and well-being. Here are ten South African entrepreneurs revolutionizing the fitness and wellness industry.

Lisa Raleigh

Lisa Raleigh is a well-known wellness expert and entrepreneur who has built a brand around holistic health. Her offerings include wellness coaching, rebounding fitness programs, and a range of wellness products designed to promote a balanced lifestyle.

Jonno Proudfoot

Jonno Proudfoot is the co-founder of Real Meal Revolution, which focuses on transforming people’s health through low-carb, high-fat diets. The company offers online courses, books, and a community platform to support healthy eating habits.

Zamo Mbele

As the chief clinical officer at Panda, Zamo Mbele aims to implement a deep, insights-driven strategy that specifically caters to the core demographics affected by various mental health conditions. With his extensive experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, Mbele understands the importance of focusing on mental wellness rather than solely addressing mental illness. Zamo Mbele brings a wealth of experience to his role at Panda. As a registered clinical psychologist based in Johannesburg, South Africa, he has worked as a senior psychotherapist and supervisor at prominent mental health institutions. With over a decade of experience in South Africa’s public mental health space, Mbele has been involved as a clinician and expert advisor to governance structures and policy-making.

Sandi Dekker

Sandi Dekker is the founder of MyUTOPIA, a wellness studio in Cape Town that offers a variety of fitness classes, including yoga, pilates, and barre. The studio aims to create a holistic wellness experience, integrating physical fitness with relaxation and mindfulness.

Kim Whitaker

Kim Whitaker is the founder of Ubuntu Beds, an initiative that repurposed hospitality spaces to accommodate healthcare workers. This innovative approach supported the well-being of frontline workers, showcasing the intersection of wellness and social responsibility.

Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Dinwiddy

Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Dinwiddy is the founder of Rockingnheels, a dance fitness program that combines high-energy dance routines with fitness. Her classes focus on empowering women through movement and building confidence through dance.

Tumi Phake

He is the founder of Zenzele Fitness, a South African gym operator and wellness solution company. The company provides full turnkey wellness solutions, including design, fit-out and operation of fitness facilities. Zenzele Fitness operates facilities for corporates, educational institutes, government establishments, residential estates and its very own commercial facilities.

Chris Bruchhausen

He is the founder of Strove, a physical fitness and wellness-focused startup helping employers build psychologically safe workplaces and a healthy employee force. The company aims to inspire sedentary workers to live healthier and more active lifestyles, and it’s leveraging technology to do it.

Nicole Sherwin

Nicole Sherwin is the founder of Eco Diva Natural, a skincare and wellness brand that uses natural and organic ingredients. Her products promote health and wellness from the outside in, emphasizing the importance of using clean, eco-friendly products for personal care.

Marc Gregory Knowles

Founder of Ollie Health, a telehealth company dedicated to promoting mindfulness and mental health wellness for Africans, particularly corporate employees. The startup enables companies to set up their employees with qualified therapists and mental health experts to help them maintain a healthy state of mind.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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