How CURIOCITY Aims To Connect Travelers To Various Experiences

How CURIOCITY Aims To Connect Travelers To Various Experiences. CURIOCITY is a leading chain of locally owned hybrid hotels, backpacker hostels and travel experiences born out of South Africa. The company collaborates with local entrepreneurs, designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers and poets to create; grass root experiences of each city that it is in, making each CURIOCITY destination unique to its locale.

By so doing the company connects the curious traveler to what’s exciting, inspiring and real in whichever location it is in. CURIOCITY is for the young and not so young, the global traveler and the local visitor, for a quick stop-over and a deep dive into the city.

CURIOCITY was founded in the year 2013 by Bheki Dube at the age of 21. With an energy that developed from his entrepreneurial spirit as he organised walking tours for those searching for the same diverse and unique energy he had discovered. The next step was to develop a place where his patrons could stay, safely and comfortably in the city and this is how CURIOCITY was born.

Bheki, now aged 31, has developed and grown CURIOCITY into nine successful properties operating in two major South African cities, Cape Town and Johannesburg. His vision is to grow CURIOCITY into the rest of the African continent, and share authentic experiences of this continent one city at a time , while also unlocking entrepreneurial collaborations with emerging black youth wanting to make their mark in the hospitality & tourism industry in Africa.

By Thomas Chiothamisi
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