10 Things you should know about Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is a brand founded by Ben Schutte and the Krok Brothers. Here are 10 Things you should know about Gold Reef City.

  1. Gold Reef City is an amusement park in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  2. It is located on an old gold mine which closed in 1971.
  3. The park is themed around the gold rush that started in 1886 on the Witwatersrand.
  4. The buildings on the park are designed to mimic the same period.
  5. There is a museum dedicated to gold mining on the grounds where it is possible to see a gold-containing ore vein and see how gold is poured into barrels.
  6. Multiple shops around the park can be located.
  7. Some of the popular rides at the theme park include:
    Anaconda, , Golden Loop, Jozi Express, Miner’s Revenge, Raging River Rapids, Runaway Train, Storm Chaser, The High Flying Maverick, Tower of Terror, UFO, Giant Wheel Ferris.
  8. It was reported in 2013 that acidic mine water was slowly rising within the mine on which the park is built.
  9. There was a possibility of the park being flooded if left unattended.
  10. Mine tours were temporarily halted, and the museum was moved from 215m underground to 80m above ground.
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