5 Things To Consider When Buying Accident Damaged Cars in South Africa

Accident damaged cars sales have been on the rise in South Africa particularly online auctions from companies such as SMD. These create an opportunity for buyers to purchase cars for cheap if not reasonable, when done right. Whilst luck is definitely a big part of a good purchase Here are 5 things you should consider when buying an accident damaged car in South Africa.

1.View it in person

Whilst pictures do a great job to help you visually get a better understanding of what you purchasing try if you can to have a look at the car in person as images do not always tell the full story. Once onsite start the car if the car starts, check the body work and see if the damage is reasonable  and affordable for you. If you can bring a mechanic do so as they can pick things you might not see just by starting the car.

2. Avoid cars with no visible body damage

Cars with no body damage that are not repossessed are a huge risk because most of these cars tend to have major mechanical faults. A visibly accident damaged car suggests that the car was in a fairly usable condition before the accident.

3. Focus on Insured Cars

Insured cars also tend to be better cared for and in better shape as users are mindful that this is an asset they paying for monthly and that deserves care.

4. Do your price research

Aim for 60% of actual retail value if push comes to shove at least 70% but anything beyond this could leave you with larger expenses that could have made a car purchase in a reputable dealership a better option.

5. Avoid cars that do not start

Cars that do not start can be very costly mechanically, this can also suggest engine related issues which can set you back ten of thousands of rands and having to purchase a car that need work done mechanically and body wise can be a super costly exercise.

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