Successful Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Have Degrees

There are many forms of education that is required to make it big in one’s respective careers. The traditional method, which entails enrolling at an actual school, is how many aspiring entrepreneurs believe would yield the desired results – which is success.

However, there are other ways of excelling in your career without having gone to a conventional school. In fact, many entrepreneurs have learnt the ins and outs of their chosen industry on the job. Whilst, some pursue the workshop or skills training route and it (fortunately) turns out – that’s all the information that they’ll ever need to succeed.

Take a look at inspiring and influential entrepreneurs who didn’t allow a lack of tertiary education get in the way.

1. Steve Jobs :

During his commencement speech at Stanford, Steve Jobs mentioned that he dropped out at Reed College, to focus his energy on all things Apple. Although he passed on, in the year 2011, due to cancer related causes. The sacrifice was all worth it hence Apple remains one of the most leading technology companies in the world.

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2. Johan Rupert:

This well respected South African billionaire decided to take the plunge and just chase his dreams after dropping out of Stellenbosch University. Which include owning Compagnie Financiere Richemont. This is the holding company for brands such as , Cartier and Montblanc.

3. Legend Manqele:

Owner of The Bar Group and Destiny Magazine, Legend Manqele has publicly mentioned that he did not study at a film school, but has an inferior complex as a result.

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4. Richard Branson:

Richard Branson had a faith of a mustard seed when he left school to pursue his business venture – that was the birth of Virgin Group and made billions!

5. George Sombonos:

After returning from the United States with, what he calls the magic spice, the late George decided to put his plan into action by starting his Chicken Licken fast food chain. His determination shot him up to success, without a lack of education.

6. Quentin Tarantino:

Oscar award winning American Filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino learnt all about filmmaking from playing video games. He had just dropped out from acting school.

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7. Micheal Dell:

The founder of Dell Technologies disappointed his parents after dropping out of college to pursue his technology career. His parents had hoped he’d become a doctor.

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