How Tech Startup Is Providing Alternatives To Manufacturing Companies

How Tech Startup Is Providing Alternatives To Manufacturing Companies. DataProphet is a leader in Artificial Intelligence that enables manufactures to step towards autonomous manufacturing. It was co-founded by Frans Cronje who is also the CEO of the company in 2012.

Its AI services proactively prescribes changes to plant control plans to continuously optimise production without the expert human analysis that is typically required. As recognised by the World Economic Forum. DataProphet has managed to help customers around the world to experience a significant and practical impact on the in the manufacturing process at factories.

According to its website DataProphet boasts a team of 40 engineers, mathematicians, data and computer scientists that are committed to deliver actionable insights and measurable impact to realise continuous improvement in the manufacturing process of any company that it works with.

The company has also managed to secure R102 million funding that was led by Knife Capital with the Industrial Development Corporation and the Norican Group, a foundry engineering and equipment company. It also went into a partnership with Norican to accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the foundry industry.

The funding will be used to grow the operational footprint of DataProphet internationally and fast-track its strategy of growing its partner base around the world. “South Africa will remain our engineering and operational hub as we have access to great talent. DataProphet however, is an international business with hubs located around the world.” said Cronje in an interview with TechCentral.

DataProphet has a host of high profile clients such Mercedes Benz, Atlantis Foundries and BMW.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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