Tech Start-Ups That Are Providing Innovative Solutions

Tech Start-Ups That Are Providing Innovative Solutions. With the level of technological advancements that human beings are making, it was simply inevitable that some of the most innovative tech start-ups would emerge and cause disruptions in the way activities are done. These are some of the start-ups that people should take notice of as they are reshaping the future.

ProfitShare Partners – This is an innovative Financial Technology company that was founded by Andrew Maren who also serves as its CEO. The company offers short-term capital solutions in the market to enable growth for SMMEs. This company is disrupting the traditional models to empower small business and encourage economic trade. It manages risk through providing alternative funding to small businesses. With its investment the start-up does not take up any shares of the client’s business but partners with them only on specific contracts and assists these small business with capital and support needed for the them to deliver on their contract, after which the profit is shared.

DigsConnect – This is a South African company that was co-founded by Greg Keal who is also its Managing Director (MD), to combat the student accommodation crisis that was in full effect in 2018. DigsConnect connects students with their desired accommodations and are now the largest student accommodation market place in South Africa. Students can register on their website and choose a room that is specifically catered to them in terms of the room type and the price, once the student finds the room they can request a booking and this will be sent to the landlords who will either accept or deny their booking in 48 hours. DigsConnect has also partnered with top educational institutions such as Rosebank College and Varsity College to make accessing accommodation much simpler for students.

Zande Africa – This is a FinTech company that was founded in 2017 by CEO Siya Ntutela and COO Mdu Thabethe to provide an innovative financial and distribution platform that provides trade and merchant finance to spaza shops. The business gives spaza shops cash and credit services offerings which will make the spaza shops sustainable for the long term. “The credit facility we offer assists owners to fill their stores and avoid stock outs. Providing this working capital unlocks the trading and employment potential of thousands of individuals and businesses.” said Ntutela in an interview with Venture Burn.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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