Top 4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Start-ups You Should Know About

Top 4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Start-ups You Should Know About. Unlike natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals, Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence that is displayed by machines and has no capacity of having consciousness and emotions.

This is a sector of computer sciences that builds smart machines that are able to perform tasks that are usually performed by humans such as speech recognition, problem solving, learning and planning. These are some of the start-ups that are solving problems through AI.

Clevva – This is a technology company that specialises in the art and science of intelligence augmentation. It was co-founded in 2011 by Ryan Falkenberg who serves as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with a vision of developing a technology platform that could enable any company to effectively capture and scale their sales, support, process and technical expertise. “This platform offers digital experts that guide the company’s staff and customers through any prescribed decision and action – from sales and service through to compliance and HR. This is real time expertise is accessible wherever decisions need to be made, within an operating system screen, via a mobile web app or even delivered via a third-party chat-bot front end.” said Falkenberg in an interview with KPMG.

Aerobotics – This is a South African agri-tech company that provides early problem detection to farmers through the combination of aerial images obtained from satellites and drones and its machine learning algorithms. The company helps farmers in monitoring crops, getting early warnings of potential risks and optimising yields. It was co-founded by James Peterson (CEO), who saw the challenges faced by farmers as he grew up on a citrus farm. It now operates across hundreds of farms in 11 different countries throughout the world.

Xineoh – This is a Canadian public company with its corporate headquarters situated in Vancouver. Its engineering is run by its founder Vian Chinner in Johannesburg South Africa. This start-up specialises in predicting customer behaviour using artificial intelligence. It matches people with products, match inventory with business opportunity, match prices with spending propensity and match people with usage patterns.

Jumo – Jumo was founded by Andrew Watkins-Ball in 2015 with a vision of reimagining finance in emerging markets. It uses advanced data science and machine learning to create the fastest and leanest financial services infrastructure. Their advanced data engine runs machine learning algorithms on millions of cell phones and transaction data signals every second, these are in turn used to build accurate credit profiles for individuals in emerging markets. It said in a statement on its website, “These deep, data-driven insights allow us to shape services and product features to suit individual entrepreneurs and their specific circumstances.”

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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