Malatji Hopes To Ease The Process Of Recruiting Workers

Malatji Hopes To Ease The Process Of Recruiting Workers. Finding a job as a medium or unskilled worker can be very difficult as most companies have the positions filled already and not looking to hire workers that are not specialised in any field. Although this is the case, there are many companies that still need medium skilled workers but they are hard to find and most of the time workers do not know where to start looking so that they can submit their applications. This company offers a solution that will help people who are looking for jobs and the companies who are looking for employees.

Malatji Specialised Services (MSS) serves clients with pride, as they build partnerships with their candidates and clients to ensure that they understand each other’s goals and deadlines. MSS is the leading specialist recruitment company in the following areas, Cleaners, Cashiers, General Workers, Sales, Security guards and Marshalls. It was founded in 2014 by Titus Malatji, who also serves as the company’s Managing Director (MD).

The company is in the business of human capital people management as it is highly passionate about helping people and organisations. Their goal is to fight unemployment as they deem it as their daily job to change the lives of South Africans through employment. It enables businesses to hire high volumes of medium skilled workers faster and more affordable than any other recruitment method.

The company understands that whilst there is no shortage of jobseekers, businesses that need to recruit high volumes of staff on a regular basis struggle to manage the recruitment process efficiently and often rely on expensive recruitment agencies or ineffective job portals to hire candidates. This takes time and costs money, making the recruitment process a real challenge for many businesses. In addition, attrition is often very high and results in the need for ongoing recruitment. If a company want to recruit high volumes of quality candidates then Malatji Specialised Services is the solution it is looking for.

“Malatji Specialised Services only works with the best in the business to ensure that you receive the utmost attention from people who can truly change the direction your career is headed towards.” it said in a press statement.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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