Sumthing Tasty Cafe Is Providing Convenient Ready To Eat Meals

Sumthing Tasty Cafe Is Providing Convenient Ready To Eat Meals. The restaurant industry has been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with most businesses having to close down or retrench staff with the hope of saving on much need cash flow.

Restaurants have to find innovative ways that can help them to stay in business. Sumthing Tasty Cafe is a restaurant that is located in Durban. The restaurant is famous for its mixture of Western and African foods that create a diverse market for them to be able to cater to a variety of individuals. With this the restaurant is a tourist attraction as most tourist want to experience the authentic African experience through food and music.

The restaurant was established in 2015 with a desire to serve food that is made with South African flavours and recipes. It was established by Thobile Dlani and it also managed to secure a deal with KWKSPAR Glenore in Glenashley Durban. This deal will see her ready to eat meals being sold in the store, some of the meals that will be sold are Inhloko, Lamb Curry and Butter Chicken. This is an innovative idea as it will help her to keep supplying food even when restaurants are ordered to close again due to the pandemic and will keep her in business too.

It believes good food choices are good investments…that quality ingredients are a currency more valuable than any coin or dollar bill. The Cafe looks to highlight the craftsmanship of its menu and let its food do the talking. It has a team that believes that the best restaurant design possesses a level of subtlety and restraint that should almost go unnoticed.

SumthingTasty Cafe offers a quality dining experience in a friendly, relaxed environment at very reasonable prices. The Cafe is a perfect venue for breakfast, Lunch and African Traditional Food, from Mogodu, braai Meat and Curries. The café is known for offering extra services such as corporate breakfasts, birthday celebrations and other private functions.

 “I own my power by relentlessly following my passion despite what others say. Following my passion is the reason I am an accredited restaurant owning chef.” said Dlani on Facebook.

By Thomas Chiothamisi                                               

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