WhyBuyCars Aims To Show The Benefits Of Leasing A Car

WhyBuyCars Aims To Show The Benefits Of Leasing A Car. WhyBuyCars was born from the demands of a changing climate where the future is uncertain and people want a certain sense of flexibility and freedom, while remaining in control of the finances and fortunes. The company prioritises ease of use and efficiency in a model that looks to put its clients in the driving seat, with as little red tape and in as little time as possible.

WhyBuyCars offers an affordable, all-inclusive cost that takes care of maintenance, insurance and taxes, and includes free monthly kilometres on a range of vehicles, depending on budget and need; key to the offering is the immediacy of the service. The entire process of applying for, securing and collecting a vehicle can happen in less than a day as customers can submit basic documents, be approved, pay the first month, and get on the road, all in the same day. The company provides a better way to have a car as there is no deposit, no commitment, and no hassle. Its innovative online-based offering presents short-term car leases of 3-months or 6-months to almost anyone, regardless of credit status.

Some of the benefits of leasing a car from WhyBuyCars include: Credit rating not required, no long-term commitment, fast application process, first-class customer service, peace of mind with maintenance included, don’t stress about selling your car, breakdown assistance included, trust a proven nationwide company, cheaper than daily car rental, no need to acquire insurance, secure tracking included and its clients always drive a modern car.

WhyBuyCars is a subsidiary of the Woodford Group which is the largest independent car rental company in South Africa, serving the industry for over 30 years. Winning numerous awards, Woodford is ranked number one for South African car rental companies on both TrustPilot and HelloPeter. Woodford has more than 2000 vehicles in its fleet and employs 400 people across the country. The group boasts more than 150 accumulative years of industry experience at a management level and has invested heavily in technology aimed at making all its processes as smooth and effortless as can be.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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