Viero Is A Start-up That Is Aimed At Helping Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Apps

Viero Is A Start-up That Is Aimed At Helping Entrepreneurs Create Their Own Apps. Building a food delivery application can cost up to $60 000. There are also additional costs that need to be paid on a monthly basis to maintain and improve the application. “This is a major barrier to entry into the food delivery industry in Africa” Basheer Phiri, the founder and CEO of Viero told Business Africa Online.

“Because of these high costs, we see a lot of food delivery Start-ups all over Africa serving the urban market, because it is big, and has enough customers to cover the development and maintenance costs and make a profit.” Basheer believes that food delivery Start-ups do not target township and non-urban areas because these markets need to be built from the group up, which means additional marketing costs and slower growth and adoption rates.

“After speaking to a few interested entrepreneurs, we saw that they could manage every aspect of the food delivery business, but could not afford to pay for an App. That is how Viero was born” Basheer told Business Africa Online. Viero is a SaaS Platform that enables entrepreneurs to create a food delivery web application with no code in 60 seconds.

The platform built a standard food delivery application template and enables it to be cloned, rebranded and hosted through white-labelling. Entrepreneurs can use the application under a monthly subscription and have access to many features depending on their chosen plan. Entrepreneurs can also make changes to the layout and design of their app, all without any code.

Viero was launched in South Africa on 1 June 2020 by UCT students Basheer Phiri and Hopewell Fakude. The platform has achieved amazing uptake thus far. 22 Apps in total have been created with 2 Food delivery Start-ups that are live and operating in South Africa and 20 other Start-ups preparing for launch. 108 orders have been delivered, with R4700 processed in transactions, 200 customer users, 16 listed stores and 45 delivery agents.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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