ZamaShenge Consulting Is A Firm Aimed At Helping Businesses Adapt To The Digital Space

ZamaShenge Consulting Is A Firm Aimed At Helping Businesses Adapt To The Digital Space. Many people cannot imagine an organisation without the capability of Human Resources, but it is possible to run an entire organisation and outsource this function. If the current base of entrepreneurs increases, employment will increase, the more sustainable businesses there are the more people centric interventions there should be, to facilitate the skilling and development of the human capital capability.

ZamaShenge Consulting is a People Practice Company that is continually looking to empower people with insights that will help them shift the needle in a manner that is progressive, inclusive and engaging. As a Human Resources firm, the company intends on understanding the inputs that lead to the success of people because this is the foundation that bolsters the success of businesses.

For the stakeholder it serves, namely entrepreneurs, start-ups and the SMME sector, the pandemic has served as a major disruptor in how they run their businesses.  The company’s biggest contribution has not been in traditional Human Resources Consulting, but in empowering them to look to their people for their source that will ensure they are able to transition into the digital new world.

The company prides itself in creating a psychologically safe environment allows people to become creative in the application of their knowledge and skill.  Often stakeholders are surprised that their people can create far more when they are encouraged and equipped.  Learning and Development is something that should occur continually within a business, through sharing knowledge and responsibilities.

ZamaShenge Consulting prioritises the drive towards people.  It understands that people have infinite ability to transcend volatility.  How a business engages its people and amplifies their capabilities with technology supersedes the action of shedding people and replacing them with technology.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so I frustrated myself out of my last employed role and registered ZamaShenge Consulting. I always wanted to influence people positively, so I started speaking professionally at events about the topics that bring together my desired state and my profession.” founder of ZamaShenge Consulting Nomvula Buthelezi Silver said in a blog post.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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