How The Nguni Brand Is Providing Nguni Culture Inspired Cowhides

How The Nguni Brand Is Providing Nguni Culture Inspired Cowhides. The Nguni Brand is a 100% South African brand. The brand is inspired by the beautiful and colourful Nguni Culture. It draws most of its inspiration from the Zulu, Xhosa , Ndebele tribes. The Nguni Brand sells the highest quality, authentic Nguni cowhides, delivered directly to its customers. Each Cowhide has been hand-selected from South Africa and is of the finest, premium, Grade A quality. The company’s hides will feature their own individual, unique markings and have been ethically sourced from responsible farms.

The Nguni breed are the traditional breed of the Zulu nation and have strong associations both in name and in physical attributes to their surroundings on the plains of Kwazulu-Natal. These cattle are amongst some of the toughest breeds, being able to survive extreme in climates. Nguni hides are highly functional and are mostly used as “rugs” in homes and furniture coverings as they are both decorative and warm. Hides have also been used as cushion covers, handbags as well as in other household items.

The Nguni cattle breed is unique to Southern Africa. A hybrid of distinct Indian and later European cattle breeds, they were introduced by local Nguni tribes during their migration from the north of the continent to Southern Africa. During their migration to Southern Africa between 1400 and 600 AD, the Xhosa, Zulu, and Swazi people brought Nguni cattle with them. Since that time, this beautiful species have played an important economic and societal function in the growth of these societies and are commonly used as a bride’s dowry, known as Lobolo.

Being the favourite breed amongst many of the local tribes of Southern Africa, Nguni Cattle are known for their resilience and fertility. They are characterised by multi-coloured skin which can present a variety of patterns. Similar to their various hide colour patterns, this species present a variety of fascinating horn contours.

Nguni Hides are a rich assortment of colour and pattern variations. The more dominant colours are black, white and brown and in less common instances yellow (also known as dun), or a combination of all three colours. These can be divided into three main groups, namely Brown/White, Black/White and Tri-Coloured.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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