The Department Of Small Business Development Launches The Township And Rural Entrepreneurship Programme

The Department Of Small Business Development Launches The Township And Rural Entrepreneurship Programme. The Department of Small Business Development has launched The Township and Rural Entrepreneurship Programme (TREP). The programme aims to promote and integrate business opportunities in townships and rural areas. TREP aims to create platforms that provide business support infrastructure and an environment where entrepreneurship can thrive and grow. The initiative will be spearheaded by the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD), Seda, and sefa.

According to Venture Burn, the programme is targeted at township and rural-based enterprises that are owned by entrepreneurs who are based in these respective areas. With economic exclusion preventing many budding and talented entrepreneurs from these spaces enter the market, the programme aims to create an environment that supports the growth of entrepreneurial activity with dedicated business support and funding access to enterprises located in rural and township areas.

The Ministry of Small Business Development was established in 2014 marking a turning point in history of SMME’s and Co-operatives development in South Africa, demonstrating the Government’s commitment to place SMME’s and Co-operatives at the centre of economic growth and job creation.

It aims to lead and coordinate an integrated approach to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship, small businesses and co-operatives, and ensure an enabling legislative and policy environment to support their growth and sustainability. Its vision is to have a radically transformed economy through integrated and effective enterprise development and entrepreneurship promotion.

The department’s mission is the coordination, integration and mobilisation of efforts and resources towards the creation of an enabling environment for the growth and sustainability of small businesses and co-operatives. The investment and support that is given to township entrepreneurs is very important because, a flourishing business environment in the townships would contribute to redistribution of wealth, employment and improving the quality of life of the township residents.

In order to apply for the programme, enterprise owners must be South African Nationals. Interested applicants must complete an application form  and submit the form to

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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