Copper Fresh Aims To Provide Anti-Viral Masks That Can De-Activate Covid-19

Copper Fresh Aims To Provide Anti-Viral Masks That Can De-Activate Covid-19. Copper Fresh Smart Masks use a patented International technology which actively de-activates Corona Virus and other viruses and bacteria. Copper oxide, which acts as a natural anti-viral, is impregnated into the material fibres of the mask. This has been proven through scientific tests and studies.

In one study, within 1-5 minutes, the Copper Fresh technology de-activated 100% of Corona Virus on the surface of the mask. Whereas regular cloth or other material masks do not de-activate viruses (in fact the virus remains on the mask for up to a number of days, exposing people to further risk if they touch their face after touching an infected mask), the Copper Fresh Smart Masks constantly and actively de-activate viruses, keeping clients feeling safe and protected.

The Copper Fresh Smart Mask protects both its customers and those around them as both the internal and external layers of the mask possess the same anti-viral properties. The masks are re-usable and can be worn for up to a number of weeks (or longer). As long as the mask material is intact, they are protected.

The key features of the mask include 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency and Virus repelling on the atomic level; Copper features eliminate bacteria, fungus and viruses, including Covid-19, within minutes; Protection without the need for sterilization Non-toxic, non-irritating, easy to breath fabric; Trace amount of Copper is active for life time; Powered by innovative Israeli technology and patents; Material FDA, CE and TUV Certified; Environment protection and Dual-side protection.

The benefits include reducing the risk of self-infection from the mask surface; Same Copper particles eliminate new viruses every single day, forever; No painful, pointless and expensive respirator experience; Save the planet: regular masks DO NOT recycle; Cosmetic Properties and No cleaning required. The mask retains its properties even when it is dirty. Studies show that copper has a positive impact on reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, facial skin lifting, and skin brightness. A single Copper-Oxide Mask usage replaces dozens of regular masks, hence reducing expenses and prevents environmental pollution.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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