South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest Gives Advice On How To Turn Negative Energy Into Success In Business

South African Rapper Cassper Nyovest Gives Advice On How To Turn Negative Energy Into Success In Business. South African rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur and record producer Cassper Nyovest took to Instagram to share a few lessons he has learnt in his career about turning negativity into something positive and being able to make something a success even though it is surrounded by negativity.

The rapper said, “People don’t know what they want, they just don’t know, we live in a world of followers, the most popular thing in the world right now is social media and what is the currency? followers… If you sell something new and the first ten people say it whack, the next ten people that are going to come are going to follow the trend of it being whack, because everyone else is saying its whack, this is because nobody wants to be different. The difference is I’m not a follower, I’m a trendsetter… and that is why everything I’ve touched turns into gold…because I believe in myself, I believe in anything I do and I make sure everything that I come out with is something that is well researched, it’s a good product and I know that I can sell it and I know that I can push it till it’s a success.”

Nyovest further added that, “Like right now I just got into the retail space, where I’m selling footwear, not everybody liked the shoe but now the shoe is selling crazy as we crushed the internet, people are coming out to buy the shoes.…stop listening to people, people don’t know what they want, listen to yourself, don’t be a follower be a leader, believe in yourself, keep pushing and see it through.”

This advice by Cassper Nyovest is very crucial, especially to people who are interested in being entrepreneurs as building a business is very tough. People have to be prepared for the hardships that come along with being an entrepreneur, because if they are well prepared, they will be able to block out all negative energy and overcome the hardships and make their business a success.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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