The Firepower Group Is A Company Aimed At Creating Courageous Leaders

The Firepower Group Is A Company Aimed At Creating Courageous Leaders. The Firepower Group was created to develop a new paradigm of personal and professional leadership. The company believes in incorruptibility – being true to oneself and refusing to settle or compromise, even if it ruffles some feathers. It cultivates unshakeable confidence – going all in for one’s purpose, no matter what. It is also committed to clarity – knowing who one is and showing up in a way that reflects one’s brilliance.

The company supports self-worth – it believes people are not here to please others, but to do great work with people who value and respect them. It champions courage – caring about changing lives more than about keeping oneself and others comfortable. The Firepower Group stands for excellence – no more playing small, it is 100% or nothing. This is the new paradigm of courageous, conscious leading, living, and doing business in a rapidly changing world.

The Firepower Group was co-founded by Yvonne Johnston and Violetta Pleshakova in 2019. Yvonne Johnston is a Master coach, business strategist, inspirational speaker and thought leader in the domains of marketing, nation branding and personal mastery. With an impressive track record in advertising and marketing industries (including 5 years at Ogilvy and Mather as the Group Media Director), Yvonne is known for her business savvy as much as for her sassiness and style.

Violetta Pleshakova is a paradigm shifter, leadership mentor, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and writer on a mission to help rising leaders and change makers amplify their impact in the world. She does that through teaching them how to own their uniqueness and pursue their passions in a way that is authentic and aligned with who they truly are.

The company’s mission is to help brilliant people like their clients to stop settling and start shining – so that they can become a courageous leader, build a conscious business, and live their 100% life. As paradigm shifters, the company is here to challenge existing ways of thinking and acting, and pave the way for personal and professional leadership that is rooted in consciousness and courage.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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