University Of Cape Town Launches An Online High School That Aims To Unleash Learners’ Potential

University Of Cape Town Launches An Online High School That Aims To Unleash Learners’ Potential. Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng announced that the university was launching its own online high school. This has made UCT the first university on the African continent to extend its expertise and impact to the secondary school market. UCT Online High School has a team of hundreds of South Africa’s best teachers, support coaches, learning designers and education technologists. ‍ Together, they are creating the most progressive South African syllabus ever taught.

“As an inclusive and innovative African institution, the University of Cape Town is committed to playing its part in addressing the systemic challenges facing our education system. As a result, we have taken the bold step to launch an innovative online high school in January 2022, where our academic excellence can be extended to high school learners across the country. Our youth are our future. UCT Online High School will enable learners to choose an aspirational school, which will unleash their potential to transform our country and the world.” said Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng on the school’s website.

The school’s mission is to accelerate access to world-class high school education, so that it can unleash South Africa’s potential. With over 170 000 alumni in 164 countries, UCT recognises its immense responsibility as Africa’s leading university to innovate in the fields of teaching, research, and social engagement. It is also on a mission to help solve the education crisis in South Africa, thereby ensuring a better tomorrow for all.

The school is in collaboration with Valenture Institute. Valenture’s proprietary learning technology, analytics and learner support model are at the forefront of online education. By equipping teachers and parents with state-of-the-art technology, Valenture Institute empowers learners with the skills they need to flourish in an increasingly digital world. The outcome is an online high school that not only expertly prepares learners for tertiary education, but provides every learner with a highly engaging, social, and personalised learning experience at an affordable price. The school has a flat fee of R2 095 per month and R25 140 per year.

The school charges a flat monthly school fee for all its grades. These fees are inclusive of: Digital learning content; Access to its online campus & all of its digital tools; Nine subjects for Gr 8 – 9 and 7 subjects for Gr 10 – 12; Support Coach; 1:1 Teacher time; Weekly progress reports; Virtual clubs; Tests and Exams (except for Gr 12).

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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