How Njozela Legal Aims To Change How People Get Access To Legal Solutions

How Njozela Legal Aims To Change How People Get Access To Legal Solutions. Njozela Legal is a legal agency which strives to be accessible, to be affordable and to be understandable. The company has been able to redefine the way it gives its services to make getting legal help an option for entrepreneurs, creatives and start-ups.

Its promise is that, it aims to create a safe space for its clients to express themselves while helping them avoid possible risk. Rather than merely fixing their problems, the company will work with them to create mechanisms to help them avoid legal problems happening in the first place.

Njozela explained his reasons behind establishing the company on the company’s website. He said, “My experience extends from starting a creative design studio in 2012 and practising as a lawyer to working in the architectural industry and heading the Policy and Regulation Unit at the ICT SMME Chamber. Over the years, I have witnessed, on many occasions, the unprofessional practices that are the norm in the entertainment industry, and the lack of legal accessibility and protection for small business owners. And that’s why I decided to start Njozela Legal.”

Njozela’s goal is to make law and getting legal services an option for all, making sure that legal solutions are more accessible to the vast majority of the public. The organisation remains organic and adapts according to the needs of its clients and the challenges that it may face. The organisation renders a service that is personal to each of its client’s needs. It offers a wide spectrum of legal service whilst committing to the highest standards of integrity.

The company emphasises that Njozela Legal is not a law firm, as its goal is not to charge it’s for every consultation, email or word written. Its goal is to help them identify all the relevant laws that are applicable to their business and help them mitigate any possible legal liability. This is done by drafting enforceable agreements, creating bespoke legal frameworks and if needs be, providing them with remote in-house counsel services.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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