Relevance For Men Founder Tshepo Mashego Announces The Company’s New Shoe Brand Venture

Relevance For Men Founder Tshepo Mashego Announces The Company’s New Shoe Brand Venture. Relevance For Men Founder Tshepo Mashego took to Twitter to announce that his company that is known for creating formal suits for men has now branched into making shoes, with their first shoe being called the Dublin Wallabee Shoe. The show was launched yesterday the 12th of September and according to Mashego, the company sold 80% of the shoes on the day.

The post read, “I sometimes try to design shoes when I’m not making suits. This is our latest offering of the Dublin Wallabee Shoe. We sold 80% of these shoes just today alone & we only officially launched them today. Thank you gentlemen for embracing our craftsmanship. We really appreciate it. We’ll continue to come up with designs that resonate with you. Ngiyabonga”

Relevance For Men is a fashion brand that designs and creates tailored suits for men. The company was founded by Tshepo Mashego in 2015, he first started collecting suits until he decided to actually make this a business venture and to cater to males that needed clothes that made them feel confident and comfortable in whatever spaces they operate in. The company diversifying the products that it offers to its customers only shows the growth that is needed in order for a brand to stay relevant to their customers, the company’s customers will now have the option of buying footwear that matches their tailored suits at the same brand. This will make things convenient for them as the company will now be a one stop shop for all their formal clothing needs.

Mashego also stated that the Dublin Wallabee shoes were almost sold out on the same day that they were launched, this shoes that there is a demand for formal shoes that are designed and made locally as this promotes South African talent and products.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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