How Eco-friendly Start-Up Oil Drop Seeks To Use Used Cooking Oil As A Renewable Resource

How Eco-friendly Start-Up Oil Drop Seeks To Use Used Cooking Oil As A Renewable Resource. Oil Drop South Africa is an Innovative company that specialises in the Effective Management and Collection of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner. The Research and Development team have designed a UCO Management System for handling the hot oil which will be pumped into an external, volumetric tank, directly from the fryers. It is proud to acknowledge that it is intent on adhearing to all the industry legislation, rules and regulations pertaining to this industry.

This is because its mission is to take cooking oil full circle. The company consists of conscious believers in being part of the solution when it comes to sustainable, renewable resources and therefore recycling and innovation are a part of the process. It is committed to supporting all efforts to achieve this highly important objective of reducing the global carbon footprint. It is also invested in having its clients be part of the solution and participate in this cause. It wants to urge its clients to help the environment by allowing the company to collect their used cooking oil. Oil Drop provides certifications to prove their participation in the process of creating renewable resources and the best rebates in the market.

The company is acutely aware of all the role players from “Seed to Harvest”. It is now its proud and passionate vision to add “Store to Restore” to this vision too. It is invested in restoring balance through Innovation, Recycling, Renewable Resources, Job Creation, Market support through fair rebates and New Business Opportunities. In addition, it is devoted to Education and Community Upliftment programs with the hopes of involving communities to join it in the pursuit of its vision which impacts the future.

By Thomas Chiothamisi

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